Why Are Mold Assessment and Remediation So Important?

Mold assessment is one of those jobs that often go unnoticed until needed. Whether you are a homeowner wondering if mold inspections are necessary or an independent contractor looking for work, it is important to understand why it is such an essential job. Let’s take a closer look at the importance of mold assessment and remediation.

The Importance of Mold Assessment and Remediation

Sure, it might seem like just another step in the never-ending home maintenance process. However, mold inspections actually play a huge role in the health, comfort, and safety of a home. As a homeowner, take the time to learn why you should schedule an assessment. As a licensed mold technician, understand why your job matters!

1.   Homeowners need to be able to trust the structural integrity of their homes.

Mold is a product of moisture. In other words, if a mold assessor locates a mold problem, a mold assessor also locates a moisture problem. The problem with moisture accumulation is that it actually harms the structure of a home. Rotten wood and drywall can cause big problems if not caught early and taken care of. Mold almost acts as a symptom of potential structural damage, and mold assessment helps identify and prevent that danger from occurring. Of course, mold remediation removes the problem as a whole.

2.   Indoor air quality directly affects the health of individuals.

Additionally, mold causes a lot of hidden health problems. Allergies, asthma, and chronic respiratory infections are often triggered by invisible airborne pollutants. Mold spores, in particular, tend to cause annoying respiratory symptoms in a home’s occupants. With mold assessment and remediation, one of the biggest sources of poor indoor air quality can be identified and removed.

3.   Unseen problems often cause the most damage.

Mold might not seem like a big deal, especially if it exists in a distant corner of the house and doesn’t seem to bother anyone. However, left unattended, it simply feeds on itself and grows bigger. Homeowners deserve a safe, healthy home, and mold assessors and mold remediators help deliver that.

Benefits of Working in Mold Assessment and Remediation

If you are on the fence about pursuing a career in mold assessment or remediation, consider the benefits. Advantages of working in the mold industry include the following.

1.   Help homeowners pursue a healthier and safer home.

One benefit of working in mold remediation (and the restoration industry as a whole) is the ability to truly help people. As an independent contractor specializing in mold, you can increase the health and safety of your clients’ living situations.

2.   Receive all the benefits of self-employment.

Of course, self-employment itself offers many advantages. Create your own schedule, be your own boss, and build the business that you want to see succeed. Both mold assessment and remediation are great fields for new independent contractors.

3.   Join a great community that allows for networking and education.

One of the best things about the mold restoration industry is that it allows for growth and education. Connect with like-minded professionals, take online courses to grow your knowledge, and learn from experienced leadership.

Looking for a Training Institute?

If you aren’t sure how to go about taking classes or the licensing examination, call us today. The National Environmental Training Institute (NETI) is a state-certified training company offering Mold Remediator and Mold Assessor training. NETI also offers continuing education units (CEU’s), certification, and licensing.

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