Tips for Finding Mold Remediation Customers

Launching your own mold remediation business is an exciting time. After undergoing the appropriate training and obtaining your license, your next step will be finding mold remediation customers. Unfortunately, this can be difficult without a business strategy. Knowing how to find customers can make or break your business. Thankfully, there are a few tips to help you in this area. Here’s what you need to know about finding mold remediation customers.

Create Brand Awareness

Developing your brand will be one of the most important steps of growing your mold remediation business. Take time to reflect on your brand. Your brand doesn’t just identify who you are, but also your business’s values.

Find ways to spread brand awareness by partnering with companies in the area, creating ads, and acquainting yourself with the community you serve. Aside from building your brand in person, you can also create brand awareness by building your online presence. One of the best ways to do that is by creating a strong website.

Build A Website

Your website serves as your online business card. It’ll often be a consumer’s first impression of you and your company. Your website should be sharp, beneficial, and user-friendly. When building your website, pay close attention to the colors and layout and be sure to include your brand in a strong way.

After you build your website, you’ll need to get customers to see it by increasing your ability to rank online. Factors such as keyword research and SEO best practices will help improve your ability to appear as a relevant result to a customer’s online search. 

Engage Customers Through Social Media

Once you’ve improved brand awareness and developed a strong online presence, engage with potential customers through avenues such as social media. Giveaways, email campaigns, and Q&A with your followers can increase recommendations and broaden your following. 

Look for ways to stand out to your followers so that if they need your services, you’re the first person to come to mind. Even if a follower on social media doesn’t need your service, they’re likely to recommend you to a friend if you’ve done something to leave a positive impression on them.  

Customer acquisition can be difficult. Rather than struggling to find clients one by one, consider reaching out to an institution such as NETI who already has a feel for the area and a strong community presence. The National Environmental Training Institute can offer guidance and connections to help you proceed with your mold remediation business. Don’t hesitate to reach out and find out how they can help you succeed!

Looking for a Training Institute?

If you aren’t sure how to go about taking classes or the licensing examination, call us today. The National Environmental Training Institute (NETI) is a state-certified training company offering Mold Remediator and Mold Assessor training. NETI also offers continuing education units (CEU’s), certification, and licensing. 

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