How Can Mold Assessors Help Homeowners After a Storm?

Living in Florida means the possibility of sitting through more than a few big storms. Whether it is a hurricane or a simple thunderstorm, there is always the possibility of water damage that can eventually turn into mold damage. Fortunately, these problems are fixable. If you are interested in becoming a mold assessor or remediator, learn how you could help homeowners after a storm.

The Danger of Post-Storm Mold

Particularly during hurricane season, Florida homes are exposed to flooding, excessive rainfall, and extreme humidity. This constant influx of moisture often penetrates the home and causes water damage. Sometimes, the water damage is incredibly obvious, such as in the case of flooding. However, it is often hidden from sight while the humidity in the air slowly seeps into wood or drywall.

Water damage on its own is a pain, but if left unattended, it provides the perfect breeding ground for mold to grow. A mold problem may go undetected for months, and by then, it has already done its job to reduce indoor air quality and threaten the homeowner’s health.

This is why it is incredibly important to schedule a professional mold assessment after every major storm.

Health Concerns Caused by Mold

A homeowner may be unconcerned about the presence of mold after a storm, but they should approach the matter with caution. Left untreated, mold can (and likely will) cause the following problems.

  • Itchy skin or eyes
  • Watery eyes
  • Coughing or sneezing
  • Difficulty breathing
  • Clogged sinuses
  • Scratchy throat
  • Increased mold sensitivity

While most of the effects of mold are short-term, long-term respiratory problems can take place. It is important to deal with a mold problem as soon as possible to prevent health hazards from occurring.

How Can Mold Assessors Help?

Whether you are a mold assessor or you are interested in becoming one, you should know that mold assessors have a big job. Mold assessors help homeowners in the following ways.

  • Visually inspect remote corners of the home to ensure no mold growth is present.
  • Take samples and perform thorough testing of any mold that is present.
  • Take note of any excessive water damage that might compromise a home’s structural integrity.
  • Offer professional counsel regarding how to improve the home’s indoor air quality.
  • Provide peace of mind for the homeowner after a major storm.
Why Should You Become Certified in Mold Assessment?
  • Experience the freedom and satisfaction of becoming an independent contractor.
  • Make your own schedule while being your own boss.
  • Help homeowners rid their living spaces of dangerous toxins and pollutants.
  • Continue your education as you grow in the industry.
  • Connect with leaders and friends in the industry and build long-term relationships.
Are You Ready to Register?

If you aren’t sure how to go about taking classes or the licensing examination, call us today. The National Environmental Training Institute (NETI) is a state-certified training company offering Mold Remediator and Mold Assessor training. NETI also offers continuing education units (CEU’s), certification, and licensing.

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