Advertising Tips for Independent Contractors

Whether you have been the owner of a small business for years or you are just getting started, marketing always matters. How can independent contractors advertise their services effectively, especially during a pandemic? Let’s take a look at a few advertising tips for independent contractors.

6 Advertising Tips for Independent Contractors

So, how can you distinguish yourself from competitors and produce effective advertising? Keep in mind that the purpose of advertising is to increase business traffic and customer interactions, but that your ultimate goal should be to maintain customer relationships. To reach these goals, we suggest that you employ the following tips.

1. Find a unique angle.

Business ownership is a competitive world, which is why you need to find what sets you apart. Perhaps it is your demeanor, special deals you run, unique equipment that you use, or your method of achieving a service. Whatever makes you unique, incorporate it into your marketing strategy. Consumers need to know the “why.” Why should they choose you over someone else? Why are you a better fit for their needs?

2. Produce content relevant to the consumer.

Along the same lines, customers need relevance to see the “why.” If you produce advertisements intended for an audience of 80-year-old homeowners, you might have difficulties reaching the middle-aged parents of 4 children. In other words, make your marketing relevant to the people you are trying to reach. Implement issues that they might run into, as well as drawing in context from current events (such as a global pandemic).

3. Set a two-fold goal of establishing and maintaining relationships.

Your first goal is to interact with new clients. Your second goal is to turn that interaction into a connection. Relationships matter, particularly in a world where everyone interacts through a screen. Your marketing strategy, whether online or in-person, should seamlessly blend new interactions with personal relationships. This is how you build a loyal client base. Plus, the more satisfied customers you have, the more recommendations and reviews you accumulate, resulting in more new interactions.

4. Use social media for communication.

One way to set yourself apart from competitors is to focus on personal communication. Most of your audience probably has social media, which makes social networking a great way to connect, communicate, and build relationships. If someone comments on your Facebook post, reply! This method of communication typically strikes a chord with your audience more than an ad in their inbox.

5. Develop a strategy for all online marketing.

Everything you do should have a purpose. Of course, your content should be SEO-friendly, but ask yourself why you want it to rank. What do you want your audience to do? How do you want them to respond? Make a plan for each aspect of your online marketing, including your social media, emails, newsletters, website, etc. Each component plays an important role in producing results, so it is important to identify how those roles can be accomplished.

Are You Interested in Becoming an Independent Contractor?

In a world where everything is moving online, now is a great time to begin marketing a new business.

If you aren’t sure how to go about taking classes or the licensing examination, call us today. The National Environmental Training Institute (NETI) is a state-certified training company offering Mold Remediator and Mold Assessor training. NETI also offers continuing education units (CEU’s), certification, and licensing.

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